Geoff Spidle

Geoff Spidle is a partner of Barometer Capital Management Inc. and President of the Private Client Group, responsible for building and supporting Barometer’s individual, institutional and family office investors, as well as working with the executive team to set overall business strategy and new product development. Additionally, he is registered as a Director of Barometer’s Board of Directors. Geoff was previously co-founder, President and Director of Roundtable Capital Partners Inc. from 2006 to 2020. Roundtable was an independent portfolio management firm in Toronto offering traditional and alternative investment opportunities to private clients and family offices.


Barometer Capital Management Inc. is based in Toronto, Canada and was established in 2006, providing clients a diverse investment platform of equity, income and balanced mandates and serving a wide range of investor types, including Family Offices, Investment Advisors and Institutions. Barometer also partners with “best in class” managers to offer targeted alternative investments via limited partnerships including Music Royalties, Real Estate Development and Private Debt. Barometer is comprised of a team of more than 40 individuals covering investor relations, portfolio management, trading, research, compliance, and risk management.  In 2020, Barometer partnered with Kilometre Music Group to invest in a diversified portfolio of attractive music copyrights with a strong track record of earnings. Together, they created the Barometer Global Music Royalty Fund, a Limited Partnership with a targeted size of USD $200 million to invest in a diversified portfolio of high quality, income producing enduring music royalties. The Fund offers a low correlation to the returns of most traditional and alternative asset classes and seeks to generate predictable, stable cash flow and to deliver a premium at exit.

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